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With todays furniture design, the emphasis is on affordability not necessarily the comfort and longevity of the furniture. This is where our experts can offer invaluable advice regarding the restoration of your family furniture.
Our Main Services

Our Factory and showroom is situated at
135 Sunnybrae Road, Glenfield.

We have 11 members of staff all specialist within the trade, Our day to day experience, ensures the best possible service and advice. We cover the North Shore, but can visit any where in Auckland. We offer a FREE QUOTE and advice.

Leather preventative maintenance
Leather cleaning will definitely prolong the life of your leather furniture, in some instances extending the life of your leather furniture by some years. Whether its your furniture, car seats, helicopters or boats. We have a mobile service and offer a free in house demonstration.

Leather repairs
When damage occurs we can replace or try to match the same grain, we can dye and match contrasting colours, also patch smaller areas. We can redye total units, and repair by hot weld

Furniture, including Antique
Bruce Withers Upholstery and Leathercare Ltd team of experienced craftsmen are highly skilled in all types of repair, renovation and recovery and restoration work on all your beloved pieces of furniture, including antique nails, braiding, webbing spring’s ext.

Fabrics Choice
Our choice of colours, textures, designs ensure that we have a fabric for you. The wear standard is judged by a Martindale rub test. (20,000 rubs to be classed as general upholstery fabric.)

Fabric maintenance
Offer advice on stain guarding your furniture.

When considering re-upholstering your furniture there are several reasons in which to do so.

1. Can not find the same style and quality of furniture.

2. Family heirloom with sentimental value .

3. Will the 'base' of the furniture be suitable for re- re- upholstering.

The wear standard is judged by a Martindale rub test 20,000 rubs to be classed as
general upholstery fabric.

Our showroom
Has approximately 22,000 fabric samples, 200 vinyl/canvas, 150 leather.

We encourage customers to take fabrics home for 7 days to check out the different light shadings from natural light and artificial light. This ensures that the selection made will be the right choice
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